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Can Anti-Semitism in Quebec be rooted out?

by Graham Fraser

It is interesting to note that this fall, the first issue of Jonathan has been published, a French language Jewish publication from the Québec-Israel Committee. The publisher, Victor Teboul, has contributed perhaps more than anyone else to a first reading of antisemitism in Quebec in his book Mythe et images du Juif au Québec. Lire la suite

par Victor Teboul
Ph.D. (Université de Montréal), Directeur,®
Mordecai Richler reading Mythe et images du Juif au Québec, by Victor Teboul.

Mordecai Richler, in his ''Oh Canada ! Oh Québec !'' draws extensively from my essay ''Mythe et images du Juif au Québec'' which he quotes on numerous occasions in his book. Needless to say that as a Francophone writer, I obviously do not agree with his conclusions. The picture above has been taken from the documentary «Mordecai Richler, le Cosaque de la rue Saint-Urbain», released in 2010. Richler keeps reaching for my book while being interviewed by Madeleine Poulin on antisemitism and nationalism in Quebec. Lire la suite

By Nancy Snipper

When Victor Teboul was a young boy, he began writing a diary. The time was 1956 when England, Israel and France began the protracted conflict against Egypt over the Suez Canal. At the age of 11, he witnessed his father being shut away in jail and the subsequent expulsion of his family, along with thousands of other Jewish families.

Still, he kept on writing in his diary. He stopped at the age of 18 when he came to Montreal. Lire la suite