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A doctoral thesis in Australia focuses on La Lente découverte de l'étrangeté

Rachel Marlene Barda discusses La Lente découverte de l'étrangeté in her doctoral thesis submitted at the University of Sydney, in Australia.

''… Victor Teboul from Canada wrote La Lente Découverte de l’Etrangeté (2002), based on the author’s painful memories of the family’s expulsion from Egypt, writes Rachel Marlene Barda. Seen through the prism of the main character’s childhood diary, the book is a recollection of life in cosmopolitan Alexandria leading up to the events of 1956, which represented the tragic moment of rupture with what he believed was his home. The voyage from Alexandria to Montreal via France became a personal voyage of discovery of a multiple and complex identity, or as the title indicated ‘the slow discovery of being a stranger. '' (p. 45) 

TO AUSTRALIA, 1948 – 1967:
A model of acculturation

B.A. (Hons), MPhil.
A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the
requirements for the Degree of
Doctor of Philosophy
Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies
University of Sydney, March 2006

For studies published in French on Victor Teboul's work, please click   HERE


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