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On Anti-Semitism in Quebec and JONATHAN

Can Anti-Semitism in Quebec be rooted out?

by Graham Fraser

It is interesting to note that this fall, the first issue of Jonathan has been published, a French language Jewish publication from the Québec-Israel Committee. The publisher, Victor Teboul, has contributed perhaps more than anyone else to a first reading of antisemitism in Quebec in his book Mythe et images du Juif au Québec.


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It is a study of the images of the Jew in Quebec literature. And a hair-curling study it is, revealing the Jew as a deeply rooted malignant figure in one work after another.

Teboul's book was published four years ago. Yet the illustrative examples, sadly, do not end.



More than anyone else, Teboul is familiar with that nasty stereotype in Quebec literature. He concludes his book saying that "it seems that the Jewish personality remains a stranger in the Québec imagination because he is not perceived as being, or being able to be, part of the collective memory and the cultural space of Quebec."

It is a testimony to Teboul’s faith in Quebec society’s capacity for openness that he should commit himself to changing that by launching a magazine like Jonathan.

Grahama Fraser’s column, Can antisemitism in Quebec be rooted out ? The Gazette, November 3, 1981.






Canadian Jewish News, April 12, 1984

Ted Greenfield, chairman of the Quebec Israel Committee presents Washington Israeli ambassador official Benjamin Netanyahu with Special bound copies of Jonathan. The French-language magazine, published by the Committee was founded by Victor Teboul, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Quebec Israel Committee. It was named to honour the memory of Netanyahu’s brother, Yonatan, commander of the Entebbe Raid, who lost his life during the rescue operation.



























Official letter addressed to Victor Teboul by Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.












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