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Can Anti-Semitism in Quebec be rooted out?

by Graham Fraser

It is interesting to note that this fall, the first issue of Jonathan has been published, a French language Jewish publication from the Québec-Israel Committee. The publisher, Victor Teboul, has contributed perhaps more than anyone else to a first reading of antisemitism in Quebec in his book Mythe et images du Juif au Québec. Lire la suite

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In les Juifs du Québec : In Canada We Trust, Réflexion sur l'identité québécoise (L'ABC de l'Édition, $24. 95), Victor Teboul (BA'69) tackles the controversial issue  of Jews and other minorities absence from La Belle Province's memory. While they certainly played a role in Quebec history, he contends these groups are not considered by media and in history books as participants in the building of Lire la suite


par Victor Teboul, Ph.D. (Université de Montréal), Directeur,®

Victor Teboul explores the suppression of critical thinking in Quebec and Canada in his new French-language book Libérons-nous de la mentalité d'assiégé (Accent Grave, $ 19.95). Highlighting the debate around Quebec's proposed Charter of Values, Teboul believes... Lire la suite

Author Victor Teboul, editor of the Canadian web magazine, has published his third novel in France. ''Bienvenue chez Monsieur B. !'', which could be translated as '' Welcome into the World of Mister B. ! '' is a work of fiction which depicts the world of power and finance within Montreal's Jewish Community. - For articles in French on my work, please follow this link.  



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